8/2/2017 Excellent service - fast,professional, well done and at a very reasonable price. Friendly and professional personnel.
7/31/2017 John Mcneil How to tell you're in the right have a roadside breakdown and have the car towed directly to the garage, expecting loss of use for a few days. The garage has it diagnosed to a rare part failure in hours, and has the factory part the next day, installing it and calling me mid afternoon, a bit more than 24 hours later. The cost was slightly under the estimate - NO 'extras'! I'm a fan of this business for quite a few years now.
7/27/2017 Kelli Reid-Manford I had an engine light come on and was able to get an appointment right away to fix the problem. My car is running great now. Thanks!!
7/18/2017 Reina Starke They are wonderful
7/16/2017 Celeste Excellent, again. Thank you.
7/10/2017 Laura Carroll First time using this repair shop and I couldn't be happier. They diagnosed and fixed my truck quickly and for such a reasonable price.
We are glad you are happy - Northbay Automotive & Tire
6/29/2017 Bob Lipman Service is excellent!
Thanks - Northbay Automotive & Tire
6/27/2017 Muriel Truett Perfect and pro-active service on my 2000 Toyota Camry. I know when ever I came in for service, whether it is just an oil change, or a light needs fixing, the technicians will check for anything else that might need attention, as they did this recent visit - replacing worn belts, that can cause a whole bunch of problems down-line if you are out driving on the freeway.
You're doing a great job of taking care of your car. - Northbay Automotive & Tire
6/21/2017 Jim C It is so refreshing to find an honest automotive repair shop. Don and his team are great to work with. Northbay Automotive make it easy to get your vehicle serviced fast and serviced right the first time! Their pricing is very fair and very competitive, but they don't cut any corners when servicing your truck or car. They have years in the business and it shows with their professionalism and the way they care for their customers. I have tried a few shops in the Northbay, but they don't appreciate your business. Like anyone else, when you find a great mechanic, you stick to them. Without question... Northbay Automotive is the BEST in the area. Trusted and highly recommend for all your automotive needs.
It was nice to meet you, thank you for the kind words. - Northbay Automotive & Tire
6/21/2017 Jean Conrad Wonderful service....and I appreciate your willingness to provide transportation to and from my house to your shop!.
Always willing to help when we can. - Northbay Automotive & Tire
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