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Oil Change in Petaluma

An oil change is the easiest and most important service you can perform on your vehicle. For many people, this is the first major repair you will learn to perform on your vehicle, aside from learning how to change a tire of course. There are only a few steps necessary to change the oil.

Begin with your vehicle in park with the engine warm but not too hot. Be sure to set the emergency brake and put blocks behind the tires.

Raise the vehicle with a jack. You need only raise it high enough for you to fit underneath. Make sure the jack is on a level surface for your safety.

Find the drain plug on the oil pan. With a container to hold the old oil place beneath it, remove the drain plug, and let the oil our out. Wipe the area clean around the plug when the oil finishes pouring out. Replace the drain plug.

Remove the oil filter. Using a filter wrench (or other suitable tool) loosen and remove the oil filter. Wipe the area clean before installing the new filter.

Apply a small amount of clean oil to the seal on the new oil filter. Hand tighten the filter first. Then use the filter wrench to apply a half or quarter turn according to your manufacturer’s suggestion.

Refill the engine with new oil. Fill to the manufacturer’s specification. Lower the jack. Run the vehicle for a few minutes to circulate the new oil through the engine. After the car cools for a few minutes, check the level again to ensure proper filling.

Rather than doing this yourself, you may want to visit an auto repair shop. They have the proper tools and the right type of motor oil for your vehicle. A shop can save you a lot of time for little extra cost. Northbay Automotive & Tire performs oil changes for Petaluma and surrounding areas. Call or come in for an appointment today.

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