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Dodge is a well-known brand manufacturing many popular vehicle models, such as the Ram truck, the Durango, and the Charger. Dodge recently made a recall of nearly 13,000 Dodge Dart 2013 model vehicles. These vehicles are a safety hazard due to severe engine problems. This specific model year runs on a 1.4-liter Multi-Air turbo engine and has a dual dry clutch transmission. According to reports, the engine is prone to stalling at temperatures below 20 degrees.

As a responsible manufacturer, Chrysler will recall these vehicles for repair. They’ve identified a problem in a control module, which can be fixed. During the recall, programmers will work to reprogram the modules so they run properly. Another possibility for owners is reimbursement for expenses if they have already visited a Dodge repair shop to take care of this issue. By providing proof to Chrysler of the expenses and problem repaired, owners can get their money back.

This is common among manufacturers. Though they work very hard to catch and fix all issues before the models leave the manufacturer, some always slip through. When a major problem begins to appear, the dealer will fix it if they can. This keeps customers happy and safe. They are more likely to continue to purchase from a dealer who is upfront about faults and offers to fix the problem in some way.

If you’ve experienced engine malfunctions or other issues with your Dodge, visit a Dodge repair shop today. Northbay Automotive & Tire performs Dodge repairs for Petaluma and surrounding areas. It is not always necessary to visit a dealer, and smaller repair shops often provide the same quality services at a lower cost.

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